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THE HARVEST ISSUE - September October Issue 2018


by Dan Clapson

Move over microbrew beer, there’s a new craft in town. It’s just as sudsy and refreshing, but a little more fruity. Canadian-made craft cider is the latest craze to sweep the country’s libation scene and is currently showing no signs of slowing down.

Trendy or not, cider is not new to this world by any stretch of the imagination. Not as ancient as beer – as its most primitive production happened approximately 7,000 years ago – cider production still dates back an impressive 2,100 years or so and, not surprisingly, its creation is credited to the English.

Time travel back to present day and you’re hard-pressed to find a country that doesn’t put its own spin on the fermented fruit beverage. Much like how terroir plays an essential part in wine production in different areas of Canada such as the Okanagan, Niagara and Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley, growers in different parts of the country rely on the fruits of their orchards to produce unique and quality ciders.
Here are five western Canadian cider makers that you can find at liquor stores in Calgary to quench your summer thirst when the sun is shining and the temperature is high...


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