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Mulled Wine Milkshakes

May/June 2018

by Julie Van Rosendaal

My friend Dana introduced me to bright burgundy mulled wine milkshakes; hers came about after the last of a batch of mulled wine cooked down until it was thick and syrupy, and she added the cold bit at the bottom of the pot to vanilla ice cream in a blender. Now she makes it on purpose – it’s a great way to use up leftover wine, and the syrup would be as delicious poured over ice cream, fruit or cake.

2 c. red wine, such as merlot, cabernet sauvignon or pinot noir

1/2 c. sugar

1/4 c. orange juice

a few whole cloves

a few allspice berries (optional)

1 cinnamon stick

vanilla ice cream


Combine the red wine, sugar, orange juice, cloves, allspice and cinnamon in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil and cook over medium-high heat for 30-45 minutes, or until reduced to about 3/4 c. Pour the mixture through a sieve to strain out the spices and cool completely, then refrigerate until cold.

Blend ice cream, milk and syrup to taste in a blender until it’s the milkshake consistency you like. Dana recommended 1/2 c. ice cream, 1/4 c. milk and 1/4 c. wine syrup, but I found that a little runny for my taste, and, in fact, after a couple of tries, just ditched the milk completely!

Makes 3/4 c. of wine syrup, enough for about 4 milkshakes.

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